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AY POYOO the GOAT Biography, Girlfriend, Wikipedia, Recognition and Record Label



Hi guys, the name Ay Poyoo is is currently making waves after he came out with the “Amthem a GOAT 🐐” farm anthem.

Ay Poyoo to no restrictions to repeatedly mention “am a GOAT”, but team Xycinews has found a it cool to write his biography. Let dive into his Ay Poyoo biography.

Ay Poyoo Biography

Born Emmanuel Yeboah but we’ll known as l AY POYOO is a Ghanian performing artist and comic rapper from Ghana.

His use of rhymes in his brief micro raps brings out a new features from everything and that’s where comedy doninates.

In a performance he said, “Police wan arrest me, they thing am doing drugs – am the dope….”.

On the below link is more information about Ay Poyoo Biography, Education, Wikipedia and More.

AY POYOO Biography, Education, Wikipedia, Real Age, Net Worth, Contact, Record Label

Ay Poyoo Girlfriend

Miss Vera Hamenoo’s question of who would marry her may have been answered by God, as the new face of Ghanaian rap, AY Poyoo has stepped up to profess his love to her.

The newest sensation in Ghanaian rap music, AY Poyoo has declared publicly his love for the dancehall songstress and would love to have her as his future wife because she fits the criteria of women he loves.

Responding to why he chose MzVee, Poyoo who sees himself far ahead of the mainstream artistes in Ghana said that the slender and sexy body of the “sheriff” is what makes him feel for her as a wife. He added that he often finds himself dreaming of her.

He made these declarations when he was interviewed on his new found career, personal life and aspirations.

Let see how it ends.

Ay Poyoo Recognition by Snoop Dogg.

It’s strongly believed that Ay Poyoo had gain some global fame.

Young Ghanaian rapper, AY Poyoo has gained the attention of ace American hip hop legend, Snoop Dogg.

In an Instagram comment under one of AY Poyoo’s trending videos, Snoop Dogg expressed his excitement at the rapper’s claim of being the “goat” of GH Rap.

He commented, “Where you find this goat Mouf rapper (adding laughing emojis)“.

The comment from the comic rapper that derived Snoops reaction read, “Yeah I’m AY Poyoo the face of GH Rap and I’m the G.O.A.T so everybody washout”.

Ay Poyoo Music Career

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AY POYOO Biography, Education, Wikipedia, Real Age, Net Worth, Contact, Record Label

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