Anthrax Disease: Most Silent Weapon

Anthrax, a silent weapon, why? This is one major critical disease which have survived from the 20th century until the modern time of this 21st century. Through it critical viral means, it has affected ma, cattle and other living species. In war times also, it has being deliberately used dangerously to cause genocide.

The anthrax origination is a very long time back, but it source root is still a fact unknown. But historians ha accused Egypt of being the first carrier from time of biblical plague. It is a virus which goes viral easily and kills in the soonest of time. It real cause is from a bacterium called Bacillus anthracis.

The General Signs and Symptoms of Anthrax
To clearly understand it signs and symptoms, the meaning of those two words must be understood clear. “Signs” can effect publicly seen by observers, while “symptoms” are just felt within the victims.
Anthrax has being studied and known to be associated with vast  multiple signs and symptoms. They includes: 
Head ache,
Sore throat, 
Loss of appetite,
Enlarge neck size, 
Feverish condition, 
Unsteady breathing,
Brain and internal organ inflammations.

Infectious Spread of Anthrax Disease
Bacillus anthracis suspected  for originating from Africa is known to be spread even among developed nations of the European world. It is really dangerous that survey says only eight of ten (8 of 10) persons dies once infected with anthrax. Making it worst and complex to handle, it can be spread through breath and animal skin.
Bacillus anthracis naturally observed to be formed from some soil, remains silent and dormant until it finds a suitable host to stick to. It really love fur and so, sticks to animal skin, and once contacted with man, he get infected without knowing it, nor he got it.

Some Means of Controlling Anthrax
Once  strange signs are observed, immediate intake of antibiotics is necessary because ignorance and slight delay reduces chances of survival.
Always ensure pest and livestock are handled with care, either with hand protection, or clean body coverage.
Avoid any meat not properly slaughtered, processed or cooked.
Avoid wears suspected to be infected with anthrax during a strange cause of event.

The Silent Dangerous Use of Anthrax
Anthrax could be used  by secret organizations as a silent weapon for causing crimes and unknown murder source case. In the United States, anthrax infected mails were packaged and delivered to 22 persons, out of which 5 were recorded dead. If an anthrax virus is created in a secret non governmental laboratory, when release upon a large mass, is likened to a poisonous spread gas or gun fire. 
But no much fear should be developed because science and advance technology has be initiated into the global world to help fight these. 

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