All Buildings Structural Element for Engineers.

We all know all buildings, homes, offices, and lot more has it large side of beauty from an Engineer’s hard work. So talking about any building without the mention of an engineer, is incomplete. 

Worldwide, there are lot millions of buildings that has being constructed. All building are surly meant for an aim in mind, let look at the

purpose of some buildings today.

For Tourist Attraction: One uses of the buildings today are for tourist attraction. A place to take one off his worries with the beauty of  lovely flowers, nice water pool, amazing fireworks, water fountains, electric car, spectacular lightening, trees, tourist car with lot other contents that keeps pulling viewers o it site. 

Zoo: With the fear of animals all going on extinct or wandering about without home in this developing world, makes the zoo a a useful element in the society. This place has being known to attract lot of visitors, preserve the animal’s from extinction and struggle to produce more of its kind. This has aid viewers to see for reality some of those animals always heard about like the lions, Python and lot others.   

For Prison: Without this structure, the society would be filled with deliberate lovers of crime, this structure has help to reduce crime by 30%, it has impose a lot fear on so wrong persons, and still, some are nonchalant, thereby continuing on their normal criminal life. The prison house over 2 million person worldwide, some whom are very dangerous terrorist are kept under strict protection and observation. Prisons today are known to be tightly protected, to prevent any illegal escape.

For Worship: Different types of buildings today are used for different purposes and forms of worships. Ranging from Christianity with it place called the church to Muslim with it place called the mosque, then traditional worship with it place of worship called the shrine, also the Hindi place of worship called the temple, and the Jehovah Witnesses place of worship called the kingdom halls. This is an important part of todays building functions.

Banks: This has played a major role of today economic sector, over 10 million persons today trust the banks for the safety of their money and other expensive trinkets. More still, the bank has also enhance is security measures in protecting properties under their care and control, making most of them if not all to be reliable and dependable.

Office and Shops: This is a place where over half of the world populations earn their income from, so are self employed, whereas, other are being employed by companies and factories due to their skills and workmanship. The office is a more co-coordinated place with persons most times smartly dress, example includes the Google offices, The White house, The Banks and other place of occupation. Whereas, the shops includes the boutique where we purchase our wears, the market where we buy food items, the super markets and lot other forms of it. Such places, its workers are sometimes self employed or work under the owner, but the dress code in less coordinated and sometimes really casual.

Types of Buildings
There are over fifteen types of buildings today, lot of them are probably not significant because they are not in our locality or we have not being in them.
Below is a list of the types of buildings today around the world.
-Maisonette -Ranch House                   -Chalet House

-Row House -Semi-Detached                 -Igloo

-Blocks of flats -Terraced                     -Duplex

-Pent House -Underground rooms        -Condominium

-Palace          -Detach House               -Thatched house

-Apartments -Sky Scrappers

Above are listed seventeen types of buildings, which are just but a few of them all. They are used for various purposes, from it varying names, so is it varying functions. Like the Palace for African Royalties, the Underground rooms for very private and possible secretive missions, or for high defense security.

Buildings  Structures

All buildings are made up of structures that helps them look elegant, lovely and long lasting. Scroll down some more and reminds yourself of the structures.

-Roof -Pillars          -Bricks         -Cladding
-Balcony          -Windows -Doors         -gable
-Eaves             -Slate -Lifts -Chimney
-Drains             -glasses         -Lawn -Ridge
-Aerial            -Bars -Scanner       -Casements

All buildings today posses some or most of the above mentioned. This cannot be possible except through the diligent and wise structural development of the Engineers.

So much thanks now to the makers of our lovely homes, offices, shops and other forms of buildings.

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