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Top Airport Offence and Crimes You Must Avoid.



Though the word Offence and Offense sounds so similar, you can interchange any for this article sake.

Some or most persons has always have fascination to be outside the shores of their environment.

Maybe for business, or for greener pasture. Some of these person obviously travel in airplanes for faster movement and comfortability.

Fortunately enough some have these private aircraft like jet, while for others is a dream never come true. This article today details top airport offense to avoid.

Well, this does not really matter, what matters is the safety of this movement without falling victim to arrest.
And more still, airline offence which includes your manners in the airport, your use of words, and your composure should be considered.
Also, your respect to rules and regulations, and lastly, your luggage content.
The above listed have being ignored by most air users and have resulted in their dark doom. The big deal is to be on the save side, and Xycinews brings that to you, and the range of persons that usually fall into some traps of these airport offence.

The Victims of Airport Offence Victims 

  • TODDLERS: Toddlers might fall victim due to their behavior
  • TEEN: They might be victims sometimes because of  their spoken words
  • YOUTH: This category involves the adolescent, they might be victims of arrest, mostly due to their luggage content.
  • ADULT: It depends on their obedience to simple rules and regulatory orders.
The few listed above comprises of varying ranges of person and the type of offense they ignorantly commit that made them break the airline rules.
This has landed some and may still put some in jail, probably kicked off from their booked flight, to be delayed and even fined.



Airport Offences And Crimes 

  • Joking about Hijacking: Plane hijacking is fought has occurred in the past with terrible results. So, if your proudly talking about its fun renders you as a crime suspect. This is punishable by jailing.
  • Spotted with any form of Weapon: This action confirms you as a murderer and criminal. It so dangerous and as well an offense you must avoid. Never go to the airport with knife 🔪, Gun 🔫, and Share implement.
  • Alcoholic Content in Blood or Body System: It shows you potentially can cause havoc once the flight is set due to abnormality. It also shows your a suspect of drug abuse and misconduct.
Airport offence and offense you must avoid
  • X-ray notification of Strange Object in your Body: A swollen drug content or metallic surgical bone infused could pull this on. So many persons have hidden objects and drugs in their body, so you must avoid this.
  • Lateness for Flight: Lateness is due to laziness and none is to be blamed for your flight missed except you. It an Airport offence you should try to avoid. You would be fined for this.
  • Refusal to obey security personals: This means you are a tout and you must be penalize. It one of the most common airport offense.
  • Constantly avoiding your Face from Cameras and Video System: Your expected to be relax and settled, but the moment you keep looking around suspiciously and being unsteady can draw an attention to you.
  • Talking about Bombs and Bombing: This is a critical airport offense. Talking about vacation can better rather than bombing. So watching your lips would be nice.
  • Discussing your hatred for the Airport Rules and Order: If you hated the airline, why book with them ? This is an airport offence.
  • Creating scene like Fighting: This action immediately throws you behind bars. Try avoid this airport offense.
  • Attempting Hacking into any System: Hackers are potential terrorist who steal vital information, this attempt put you in chains once noticed. This is an all Airport offence.


More Airport Offense Listing 

  • Found with Pirated or illegal Books or Food Content: Piracy is a punishable crime by law, examine you document before traveling with them. This airport offense label you as a criminal.


  • Possession of Hard Drugs: The illegal exportation or importation of hard drugs is a death warrant to you name. Avoid drugs possession in and beware of those who might want to put it in your luggage and victimize you. It a dangerous airport offense.
  • Toiling and joking with the airport Emergency Service: Emergency units are required for risk and crime combating not for jokes.
top airport offense you must airport offence, avoid this airport offense,
  • In possession of any sharp tool or implement: A little sharp too can cause death and even plane crash if not tackled properly.
  • Refusal to put off your phone or turn on flight mood: Making calls and texting is not nice, you’re expected to be on flight mode, other wise that is also an airport offense but ignorance to that renders you against the simple rule.
  • Having criminal trace in your profile: This is a high profile top airport offense you must avoid. Wanted criminals are always on the run, one quick way of picking them is at airport terminals, so stay crime free.
  • Suspected of having two identities: Terrorist usually own two identities as a quick means to escape boarders. But once caught, its over.
The few above listed are the most commonly observed arrest case warrants to airplane boarders, these airport offense could be avoided if caution is applied.
Listed above are enough guides and help to protect you from being jailed, kicked off flight, delayed and fined.

Reason for Committing Airport Offense.

Many whom mostly fall victims of airport offenses get arrested, are those whom are
  • Ignorant
  • Terrorist.
  • Wanted by the law.
  • Desiring to get rich quick, thereby having illegal drugs for sale abroad.
Always remember to subscribe for more updates and information’s from Xycinews. We love you and wish you safe flying.

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Naabiae Nenu-B is an Epic Photographer and a Passionate Writer. His Epic Nature Photos and Writing Skills has Awarded lot of Recommendations and Online services.



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African Black Soap Review – Benefits and Dangers of African Black Soap



What is the Benefit of African Black Soap?

What are the Dangers of African Black Soap?

What is it Market Price?

Every lady dear desire is to look prettier, have smooth glowing skin, among many others well known. Shea Butter African Black Soap Review by Xycinews has a lot of information to expose to you readers out there.

It so saddening other blogs in a bid to promote users to purchase the African Black Soap via their affiliate link has refused to honestly tell about the dangers of African black soap, and they have primarily focused on the benefits of African Black soap (shea butter).

That’s the secret motivation behind this African Black Soap review your about to begin reading. An article that also discusses on African Black soap pricing, African Black soap ingredients, types of African Black soap, African Black review, the dangers and benefits of this soap among many more.

Using the table of content for easy navigation. Comment to share your insight and please share this article as this is a highly recommended option.

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What is African Black Soap (Shea Butter) About


African black soap (also called shea butter) is an acclaimed product rooted from the Yoruba people of Western Nigeria, and they call it ose dudu. It also traced to multiple African nations like Ghana, giving rise to different types as well.

It is a product that enhances healing and leaves skin feeling clean and soft, and looking bright among many other listings. It ingredients are primarily plant based.

Obviously, we can now proceed with the African Black soap review article largely.


Saffron; One of the Richest Spices


Types of African Black Soap

It’s African black soap, so why is there variation resulting to types? This is because it’s being produced in different African nation by different profiles and brands. Below is a brief list of the different types.


  • SheaMoisture African Black Soap
  • Nubian Heritage African Black Soap
  • Tropical Naturals Pure African black soap
  • Raw Apothecary African Black Soap
  • Organic African Black Soap
  • Incredible African Black Soap
  • Dr Woods Raw Black Soap
  • Unscented Authentic African Raw Black Soap
  • Shea Radiance Pure African Black Soap
  • Alaffia authentic African black soap

The above is a few list of knows African Black Soap Review by Xycinews Media. We are certain there are the top original ones in the market. But the interesting thing is, it’s made with organic and natural plants.

African Black soap review benefits dangers
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African Black Soap Pricing

This product as earlier mentioned is produced around Africa via different Brands, as a result African black soap pricing varies. The top price tags is what we have listed below.

The price of African Black Soap are :







This shows the pricing in dollars is around $4-$6. In Nigerian Naira equivalence, it ranges between N800 and N3000.

Benefits of African Black Soap

Honestly, this African Black soap review  article isn’t complete without benefit listing.

After some web research, we have a list of the primary benefits of the African black soap on a general level, despite the brand.

African Black Soap benefits includes:


Fading Scars

Skin Friendly

Fighting Acne

Purifying Skin


Vitamin A and E inside

Prevents Razor Burns

Soothing Skin Irritation

Antibacterial Processes

Brightening Skin Complexion


The above listed benefits of African black soap applies to lot of individuals, but sad to note, it does not work on others too. A typical situation is that of skin friendliness.

GeroCare Solutions Limited ; Safeguarding The Health of the Elderly on


Dangers Of Using African Black Soap

Does this sound scary? Well, so truths are undeniably bitter. But note, the Below dangers of using African black soap affects only a few number of individuals.

So worry not, little harm in trying.

The dangers of African black soap includes:

Skin Friendliness

On my African Black soap review, it important to say this black soap is not for all skin. This complies with the saying that one man’s meat is another man’s poison.


Sensitivity and Irritation

For oily sensitive skin, it can be drying and irritating. And for congested skin types, it can cause some breakout and minor rashes.

African Black soap review benefits dangers

Fake Productions

Another great dangers of the African black soap is the secret spread of fake once. And it is very hard to differentiate the original from the fake due to close similarities is colour, texture and moisture.


Soap Texture and Roughness

Some of this soaps can be rough, so in this case, it’s advisable to use with direction from the sellers.


Synthetic Ingredients

Some ain’t made with original and natural plants products. This is an example and guide of spotting the fake ones. Fake ones has synthetic ingredients or additives that are not natural plants basesd.

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African Black Soap Rating

This African black soap review won’t be complete without user rating. The rating is gotten from Amazon Customer Reviews.

The percentage was calculated from 1,565 clients who tried it out.

4.4 🌟 out of 5 🌟 Star .


5 star     73%
4 star     10%

3 star     7%
2 star     4%
1 star     6%

What Are The Ingredients Used In Making African Black Soap


Charcoal, Avena Sativa, Sodium Palmate, Water, Tocopheryl Acetate, Glycerin, Butyrospermum Parkii, Shea Butter, Sodium Chloride, Kernel Meal, Aloe Barbadensis Leaf Juice, Plantago Major Leaf Extract, Sodium Palm Kernelate, Rosmarinus Officinalis Leaf Extract, Fragrance, Tetrasodium Etidronate, Pentasodium Pentetate, Iron Oxides, Sodium Cocoate, Palm ash, Tamarind extract, Tar, Plantain Bark and so on.


DISCLAIMER : This list is not representing and brand production, but it encompasses of the primary ingredient of different African Black soap review and ingredients depending on the company.


Conclusion on African Black Soap Review 

With lot of hard work and research, if you actually read this article so well, you will agree lot of effort was put to cover everything single thing you need to know about the African black soap.

For those who prefer to read conclusion before the real article, this article discussed the following :

An introduction with what is African Black soap, African Black soap review, African Black soap ingredient, African Black soap pricing, African Black soap rating, dangers of using the African African black soap and the benefits of the African black soap.

Please share this article as a sign of appreciation and to help friends in your circle learn so much like you just did. (Hugs)


Sharing Is Loving 💕

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How To Get Free Google Ads Promo Code 2020



How To Get Free Google Ads Promo Code 2020

Free Google Ads Promo Code for the year 2020 are usually wanted so dearly because AdWords customers gain exposure through ads leading to new clients for freely. It involves no investment at all. Google ads promo codes for existing users gives the opportunity to measure returns at higher ad too.

Get in front of customers when they’re searching for businesses like yours on Google Search and Maps. Only pay for results, like clicks to your website or calls to your business.

-Google Ads Team


What is free Google Ads Promo Code 2020 About


Google Ads promo codes are promotional codes that give users free credit to redeem on Google Ads (formerly AdWords). Alternativly, free Google Ads Promo Codes are free pay-per-click (PPC) money.

Often, it ranges from $50, $100 and $200.


Benefits of Google Free Ads Code 2020

This is a free and great opportunity to drive organic and targeted traffic. The ads are created by professional and certified analysts.

Though the steps will be discussed later, just select a campaign plan that fits your budget, set your budget, and manage your campaign. Additionally, you only pay when your ad is clicked rather than when it appears on result pages


Facts About 2020 Google Ads Promo Code

Mostly, promo codes are only used on new accounts ones. These codes don’t work with invoicing and expire after a single use.

To already existing users with Google Ads accounts, these coupon codes need to be used with a newly opened ads account.

Google constantly adds new coupon codes, discounts and sales landing pages.

To apply the 2020 promo code, create a new account and completed the billing details, click on the ‘Billing Preferences’ tab, and enter the voucher code when prompted to.


Most free ads are gotten after you have spent some small fortune on ads.

Never delay to apply the 2020 promo codes ones offered.


“Promo codes are often sent by email or mail by Google, typically when you create a Google analytics or Google my business account.

-Google Ads Code Fact

How To Get Free Google Ads Promo Code 2020

What is About – Instaon Review, Pricing, Career, Google Team



Why Does Google Offers Free Promo Codes ?

Google offers free promo codes because this paves an opputunity for new users to give Google Ads a trial.

Google offers free promo codes because It also shows Google’s confidence in the PPC advertising model, and specifically their confidence in ads network.


Four ways to Get Free Google Ads Promo Code 2020


Coupon Follow Platform

CouponFollow is a free coupon seeking platform so I much like RetailMeNot that serves as a search engine for coupon codes.

CouponFollow’s results are primarily targeted to Google users rather than various third-party companies.


Request a Voucher via Google

Google is the creator of AdWords, and the world’s leading PPC platform. Helping businesses advertise their businesses by gaining exposure and site traffic.

Upgrade to a Premium Account on is an easy-to-use website builder that gives free advertising vouchers for premium account users. also offers free sites, but when you upgrade to a premium account — starting at $14 per month — you receive perks like a free domain name and unlimited bandwidth as well as a $300 advertising voucher.

This voucher includes a Google AdWords promo code for $75 of free ad credit when you spend $25. is a good choice for businesses in need of a new website.


Get Web Hosting with Bluehost

Bluehost is a leading website hosting service that hosts more than 2 million websites with pricing as low as $2.75 per month. Bluehost offers a free $100 Google ad credit to Bluehost users to drive traffic to your site and to jump-start your marketing.

How To Get Free Google Ads Promo Code 2020

Lists of Google Ads Promo Code


$200 Brand New Adwords Offer codes:


A new batch of $100 adwords coupons



The above codes are subject to already being used. New codes will be posted effectively once communicated.


How to Redeem Your Google Ads Promo Code For 2020


Once you have gotten your Free Google Ads promo code, the next step is to use it.

Follow the below easy steps to begin:  

Account Verification

The first thing you will want to do before getting started is account verifying. If you are not already signed into your account, from, you will be prompted to sign in.


Payment Method

Users must have already entered a valid payment method before entering a promo code. To input your payment method, set billing to automatic. Go to “Billing & Payments” under your account settings tab.


Click Settings – Manage Promotional Codes

Select Settings. Once on the settings page, Click “Manage promotional codes” in blue text.


Click Promotional Code

In the upper right-hand corner of the screen, click Promotional Code button. A box to enter your promo code will appear after you click the Promotional Code button. Enter the code and click save.


I hope this guide on how to get free Google Ads Promo Code for the year 2020 helps a lot. Do well to share to your friends.


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Why dataGig Co Is the Best Data Scientists Platform Worldwide.



First Published March 22, 2018.
After a fully tracked and deep research  on which Data Scientists Platform is the smoothest way to scale your data & AI projects, Xycinews Media gives you reasons why dataGig is the best.
Before we go into giving you the deep and clear analysis, we are rest assured some persons may ask;

Who is a Data Scientist and what are data scientists jobs?

Simply explain as an individual or organization performing statistical analysis of algorithms, simplifying sophisticated amount of data information and providing strategic evaluation.
The skills of data scientists are quite enormous, with data scientists demands such as a Bachelor’s Degree in Statistics, Data Sciences, Computer Science and Mathematics.
    dataGig: Helping Data Project Owners and Data Scientists Find Each Other.
         Digging into dataGig’s Data
First and foremost, every client always desire to have a real life expert for quick support and instant project assistance, not a robot or customized animated response.
This of ultimum concern is one of dataGig’s core value, providing for each client the comfort of being at home and see experts deliver a job well done.
Datagig provides real life project from company looking for data and AI experts. Not halting there, all clients avoid project and services which core aim is late delivery, poor service and slowness. But datagig clients enjoy the experience of smooth data scale and AI projects.

Quoting dataGig service

Data + Science = Project
Data + Scientist = Ready

  1. With dataGig’s service, you see Data and AI Projects get complected without any additional hiring.
  2. dataGig exposed project owners to an opportunity of having business expertise from mathematics and physics backgrounds.
  3. dataGig provides project owners with an opportunity of finding junior data scientists supporting the seniors.
  4. dataGig services help teams fill up the working circle.
  5. dataGig provides project owners with an opportunity of having junior data scientists with working urge and determination.



How dataGig Crawl Your Project 

  1. Post your project, or team-growth goal.
  2. dataGig ask you some questions to learn more and feed it’s algorithm.
  3. dataGig query the market of data experts and find 2 or 3 matches.
  4. You pick one or more and proceed to project success.
  5. Payment is made by your preferred methods.

Benefits of Working with dataGig Data Scientists 

  1. Datagig assure you a working environment where you can learn and improve.
  2. First hand opportunity to practice with real problem-solving.
  3. Build your resume.
  4. Gain exposure to senior data scientists.
  5. Prove that you can deliver insights.
  6. Bring a new drive and determination to teams.


Getting Started With dataGig

  1. Post your assignment goals and links to your background.
  2. We ask you some questions to learn more and feed our algorithm.
  3. We query our market of data projects and find a match.
  4. You choose to join and proceed to project success.
  5. Compensation is received by your preferred methods.

Algorithms dataGig Uses for Clients Satisfaction 

  1. Analysis & Insight
  2. Specialists on Demand
  3. Flexible Duration
  4. Data Science, Machine Learning, AI


Generally, ever clients who love to know who is rendering them services. That is why Xycinews Media has gone the extra mile to get you a brief profile summary about the founder of dataGig.


A Profile Summary About dataGig Founder.

Eunice Chendjou is the CEO of dataGig. From her picture above,  all description about her is done.
This young happy looking vibrant lady founded dataGig on January 2018 as part of the rigorous Founder Institute program, in Austin TX.
Eunice is a former data analyst at Apple Inc, who wanted to gain further experience in data science on top of her math & statistics degree. But she came up against the typical broken system for recruiting and hiring, when looking for a junior data scientist role.
While doing research with over a hundred data-centric companies, project owners, and data managers, she found an urgent need for flexible contracting and one-off project-based assignments.
She also discovered an unmet demand for junior data scientists who could be engaged with less risk — especially in smaller companies that can’t yet afford to hire a full-time team. Or larger companies that want to infill among their permanent staff, but stay flexible.

She also said “We link talent with projects smoothly and simply. Our team uses human interaction and personalized service, backed by an algorithm that looks beneath the surface of skills and requirements.”


         dataGig: The solution is a marketplace that connects data projects with data scientists.



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