A Letter To Crime Fighting Nigerian Soldiers

The Nigerian military is well know for it popular war against the Boko Haram sect terrorizing it norther cities, and against the agitation of the biafran referendum.
A face book user has a message for these soldiers which he posted on his timeline.

Don’t think you are fighting and dying for Nigeria by
fighting Boko Haram and Biafran agitators. You are fighting and dying to
protect Britain’s colonial interests. You are fighting and dying for the oil
corporations – Shell and Chevron.
You are fighting and dying to sustain your
own oppression, as well as the oppression of your fellow Nigerian countrymen
and countrywomen. Stop fighting and killing Biafra agitators.
They are fighting
a noble cause. What the agitators are doing is for
your own good, but what you are doing, defending Nigeria, is not for your own
good and the good of Nigerians.
 How much are you paid to do what you do?

 Are you well fed as soldiers?
 Will your family
be financially covered if and when you get killed on the battlefield?

 Will the Nigerian government remember and
honor you when you’re gone?

What good has Nigeria done for

 Are you happy with the “suffering and smiling
condition” you and your fellow Nigerians are living?
These are things you should
think about. You’re fighting and dying for nothing. Your forefathers didn’t
create Nigeria. Your enemies, the British, did and they created Nigeria for
their own interests, not yours. Nigeria is an artificial country, which is not supposed
to exist. Think about all this I’ve written. I’m not saying you should quit the
Nigerian military. All I want you to do is think about it. However, if quitting
the military is what you want to do, then go ahead because it’s worth it. It
will be the best decision you will ever make in your life. Your corrupt
politicians who are looting money don’t care about your lives. None of their
children are serving in the military. The children of your corrupt politicians
are based abroad enjoying stolen loot, while you’re starving and dying for a
contraption created to enslave you, your family, friends, and fellow Nigerians.
It doesn’t make sense. You are being used and dumped but you don’t know it. I
will end this write-up by saying this and I want you to think about it because
it’s a fact: soldiers don’t fight for their nation. They fight and die to
protect the interests of corporations.”

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