All About Cabby Nigeria : Best Ride In Port Harcourt

All About Cabby Nigeria : Best Ride In The Port Harcourt.
A new quick ride in town, Cabby Nigeria. This is very new in the travel world and Xycinews media is the first to officially expose and explain to you everything about cabby Nigeria. Follow us as we discuss about Cabby Nigeria in five (5) paragraphs.
Meaning And Summary of Cabby Nigeria.
Let break down the meaning of Cabby Nigeria, the best ride in Port Harcourt to you. Cabby naturally meaning a cab driver, or one who drives a cab around a geo location or specific area. And Nigeria standing beside cabby obviously means the location this new travel means is founded. 
So, from the above, it is clearly deducted that Cabby Nigeria best ride in Port Harcourt  is a cab and travel medium founded in Nigeria and based in Port Harcourt City. 
Xycinews media would not write about cabby Nigeria if it had nothing special to offer. So let keep the train going.

This Video Is A Complete Guide About Cabby Nigeria Android App.

Features of Cabby Nigeria 

Cabby Nigeria users are oblique to download it Mobile App first for unlimited experience. But before talking about the app, let run briefly through the features of Cabby Nigeria 
  • Cabby Nigeria is the best medium for travel and touring around Port Harcourt City, Nigeria.
  • The chance to choose a car to suit you choice, watch your driver notify you with the app. 
  • Rate the service and driving pattern of your driver.
  • Pay at your convenience.
  • Become a partner and get hired by clients to drive them, making more money for you.
Team xycinews deductes Cabby Nigeria started operation on the 7th of April 2018. Report shows cabby Nigeria is also extending from Port Harcourt City to Awka Ibom, both in Nigeria. Certainly, they would be national in Nigeria and abroad.
How to get the Cabby Nigeria Mobile App
This is pretty simple.
  • Grab your phone and navigate to Google Play Store 🏪 
  • Search “Cabby Nigeria”.
  • And Download.
  • That just all. 
Cabby Nigeria App Rating and Review 

Cabby Nigeria Mobile App version1.6 is a simple application with download size of 8.62mb.
It is rated 3+,  because of it safe for all users. 

Developers Information 
The application Cabby Nigeria is offered to you by Cabby Nigeria. This application went life on February 28 and was lastly updated May 10 2018.
Mails could be sent to the developers through 

Cabby Nigeria Best Ride in Port Harcourt  is brought to you from Cabby Travels. 

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