The Real Nairaland Super moderators – Lalasticlala Review

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The name Nairaland is often heard among some, while for others it might seem completely strange. Well, Nairaland is the biggest African forum with millions of daily guest.
Well many have wondered and wished to see the complete list of Real Nairaland super moderators, and that the main aim of this article.
Nairaland is owned by Oluwaseun Osewa, a billionaire with a very simple lifestyle who base in Ogun state of Nigeria. It was reported that in the year 2011, Nairaland was priced for $1 million but it was not sold. Today, according to hyperstat, Nairaland is worth $1,700,300,65.
Back to our main theme, that the complete list of Nairaland super moderators 2018. The functions of moderators on Nairaland is to move post in different categories to first page for massive views. From 2015 till today, Nairaland has had over 11 different moderators. But only one still stands still. The Most Super Moderator, Lalasticlala.
The Nairaland forum names of some past moderators and why the are no longer moderators.
  • Mukina2: Started with Oluwaseun in 2007, but went silent. 
  • Debosky: Resigned.
  • TheRealMrStan: Resigned.
  • Lordzouga: Removed.
  • Ajanlekoko: Resigned. 
  • Obinoscopy: Went silent. 
  • Semidlyf: Quit.
  • Mynd44: Resigned.
  • Yamakuza: Went Silent.
  • Ishilore: Resigned.
  • Lalasticlala: The only standing moderator.
You may be wondering why the resigned ratio is so so high, report said the work load and stress at Nairaland was so huge and time consuming. This position also meant all post is viewed before moving to front page. 
For long standing, some reports says only Lalasticlala is being paid by Nairaland founder for being a moderator. He is obviously the real nairaland super moderator.
Though many persons have applied to be moderators, it has proven futile as they complain their petitions and mails were not replied. 

Well, nairaland still remains the biggest forum in Africa.

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