2019 Best Leading Phone Master App.


Closing down on 2018, the need for a unique 2019 phone master app that can handle all our security and mobile safety is certainly a necessity.
The tittle of this article is not a mistake. We are already used  to some of the 2018 phone master apps in Play Store and other store.
Well, after trying, testing and seeing a unique tool, we bring you the review of 2019 best leading phone master tool.
About 2019 Best Leading Phone Master App.
Phone Booster Free – Memory Cleaner & Antivirus is the best utility and optimization tool for all devices this leading 2019 because it deals with all issues that slows down android device performance.
This tool can “safely optimize and boost” the speed of all Android devices with  an instant click by up to 60%.
With this app you can free up storage and optimize performance by removing loads of old junk files and clutter such as system cache, residual file, and cleaning out the download folder.
It also optimizes your background apps, save battery life and secures your private data. A more reason for it to be your number one 2019 phone master app.

Phone Booster Free – Memory Cleaner & Antivirus Unique Features.

🚀 Phone Boost & Memory Boost:-

Phone Booster Free – Memory Cleaner & Antivirus can BOOST YOUR PHONE BY ONE CLICK of your finger and boost your android device by up to 60%!
Optimize the use of RAM and release memory to speed up your slow Android devices. Makes you feel you device brand new!

📂 Junk File Cleaner:-

Phone Booster Free – Memory Cleaner & Antivirus helps you quickly analyze and FREE UP YOUR STORAGE SPACE by removing residual files, cache, temp files, obsolete apks and other big files which slows down your phone. It takes special care about your files, so that they will never be mistakenly removed.

🛡️ Security & Antivirus:-

Phone Booster Free – Memory Cleaner & Antivirus SCANS FOR THREATS AND VIRUS on all apps, blocks and removes virus to keep your phone safe and protects your privacy.
Automatic daily security scan makes it easier for you! Stop malicious apps form breaching your privacy now!

🔐App Locker:-

KEEP YOUR APP PRIVACY SAFE with an AppLock pattern. Prevent others from accessing your important private apps such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Messages, Gallery and so on. It has a very simple yet elegant and lightweight display!

📱 Apps Manager:-

SCAN, REMOVES OLD UNUSED APPS which will give you a lot of free space on your tablet or android device. Helps you manage and uninstall multiple apps easily.

🔋 Smart Charger:-

PREVENT YOUR BATTERY FROM OVERCHARGING. It displays charging status such as remaining battery charging time. Also gives you option to be notified when charging is complete!

All this features this 2019 phone master app under our review is currently FREE, that means downloading as soon as possible should never be a doubted option.
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Added Features.

✅ Junk Files Cleaning
✅ Unlimited Phone Boost and Security Scan
✅ Unlimited Count of App Locks
✅ Smart Charging
✅ Battery Analyzer and Statistics
✅ Apps Manager
✅ Automatic Boost and Scan
App Rating


This app is rated 4.8 star 🌟 on Google Play Store, it daily download is increasing incredibly. All the reviews are positive and users are loving it interface. The app is only 3mb, that means giving it a trial poses no excuse at all.


Download the app from Play Store Here.

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