Intelifi : A Top Background Check Company

Intelifi is an approved background check company that reliable screen individuals credintials at a very affordable rate.
With over 4.5* from general and different platforms rating, Intelifi has surely won the name of being a growing and fast background check company.

With Intelifi,  organizations, property owners, academic heads, health agencies can run detailed profile checks on potential employees, members and tenants safely.

Benefits of Intelifi Background Check

 For a general industrial, academia and socialtal safety policies adherence, individual background check is very important. This is the first support Intelifi gives.

An intelligent report paper "Over 60% of Curriculum Vitae are inaccurate or forges".

Checking all files and incoming resumes personally can be can be tedious and time-consuming, and this is the first and most important benefits of Intelifi. They help you run your multiple files in no time accurately.

Intelifi work with an advancement unique database system unlike some of its competitors.

Intelifi Services
Intelifi also offers so many services to clients globally a long as it involves backgrounds check. Let look below to the list of what we have here.

- Lab based drug testing .
- People search.
- Criminal records.
- Credentials verification.
- DMV records.
- Credit reporting.
- Client and tenants screenings.

With different unique services and multi choice plans, your company has it request treated to your satisfaction in a jiffy.

Intelifi Aim and Goal.

The prime aim and goal of Intelifi is to provide information of the highest quality to its clients worldwide.

Out beating it competitors who l ise old databases with potentially outdated information, all of Intelifi  clients benefit from our continually updated database.

Already an award-winning customer service staff, Intelifi still aims at getting more achievement.

Intelifi Address and Contact
Without an address and contact, Intelifi proves it a total joke. Well, so good we have their contacts and address from them for you. This means reaching the out to them simple.

Call :
(800) 409 1819 >> Sales line
(888) 409 1819 >> Support line
(888) 366 5029 >> Drug testing

8730 Wilshire ,
4th floor Suite #412.
Beverly Hills, CA 90211

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