Best App For Cyclist - Ouvos App Review

If drivers got an app where transport system goes digital, can cyclist also have one where common road issues would be intra shared? Welcome to  Ouvos Android App.

Features of Ouvos 
The Ouvos Android App is primarily for road users especially bikers and cyclist. What makes it the best ap for cyclist depends on some of its features we have gathered below. 
  • Ouvos app open a geo map for bike users to enable clear aerial navigation.
  • Indication of heat areas on the Ouvos map 🗺, enabling cyclist know risky and dangerous routes.
  • A Turn-By-Turn navigation that guides all on the best safety routes 🚉.
  • A visual and audio hazard alert.
  • One of the coolest Ouvos Android App features is that it shows distance covered, the time taken and speed used. 

Ouvos Android App 📱  is currently a 30.38mb file size.
Mails ✉ can be sent to the developers through

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