8 Reason People Snubs on Social Media

The social media is another community for having interactions, sharing information’s, advertising businesses, making new friends, meeting life mate, and lots others reasons.
Some social media’s have struggle to the top and maintained a daily user amounting to millions. And attracting the attention of the masses with different distinct unique features. Some of these social medias and their founder are listed below:

Ÿ  Facebook founded by 
Ÿ  Twitter
Ÿ  Instagram
Ÿ  Twitter
Ÿ  Skye
Ÿ  Whatsapp
Ÿ  Reddit

Well, social media have also become another world were some use as battle field, mostly between celebrities.
During  an interacting seasons with a collage students named Anthony.G*, he expressed 8 reasons from his opinion why people snub, even those whom are not even celebrities make snubbing a habit.
Examine his reasons below:

1.     Some young ones whom are under age just awake, joins these free media platforms, and award themselves unbefitting nicknames like slay queen or slay king. And them force themselves to adopt prestige not meant for them. I know slay has to do with slaughter or murder, so if that what they mean, I wish the right government agencies go caught them up before it too late.
2.     I assume some who snubs and refuse interaction are maybe not good in their use of English, so they decide to remain mute rather that announce it publicly to evade embarrassment on their unworthy prestige.
3.     For the earlier mentioned under aged once, maybe they are using these media from home fears. What I mean is that they are hiding, maybe from any of the parent, be it the Dad or Mum. But I guess and know fear and secrecy is hindering their freedom to relax and interact online.
4.     We am sometimes snub, I just assume they are using are very bad phone. Because if their mobile pads and keys were in proper function, they would have no excuse to interact. So a blind, broken phone or even half dead phone is the only available device. So if they can not see messages clearly, then how can the chat ?
5.     I again think they snub, not because they want to, but because they are in active, maybe in shower but their data is on, or they are really busy with other worth attracting images or notifications from celebrities or fans.
6.     Some person really have large numbers of friends. Maybe a friend with one thousand five hundred (1500) Facebook friends, and a minimum of two hundred (200) online, and a consistent inbox of about twenty five (25). That is a huge stress, me I sometime can never attend to them all. Am sure such load is a disturbing reason, so snubbing to them is the final destination.
7.     Annoyingly, I just assume they snub most times because they are using an online guide to navigate and understand. But these medias are not hard to understand, so if these is a reason, hahaha they should really be newbie’s and kids.
8.     Finally, it a natural thing that some persons are introverts and love being on a low profile without exposure or unwanted influence.  So no one ought to blame such ones for being snubish.

*The name has being abbreviated for security reasons.

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