The pains of Diabetes and Tips for Coping with it.

When I was just 16 years old, I woke up with my limbs so heavy, intense headache, aching bones and a feeling of complete tiredness. Now I am 32years old, but the pains of my teenage experience still runs through my life. Latter I know I was a victim of Type I Diabetes.

Over 16 years now, the above mention victim named Jessy is just one of the many victims of diabetes.

It was estimated that over 1 million persons are victims of Diabetes and this figure might double by 2 in 2025. Surly, this would be another sad epidemic.
Singapore shows that one third of its population between 30-69 years of age have diabetes, and another hundred of thousand are also affected.
An important question has be raised, What cause diabetes, and how can one cope with it ?

The Uninvited Guest
Diabetes have become an uninvited guest in the life of many, affecting their lifestyle. None have being believe to invite or love diabetes, but lack of health care and diet have made it inescapable for some. A body not metabolizing glucose cause breakdown in the human system. Diabetes is noted for causing discomfort and not death like the HIV/AIDS. Researchers say Type 1 Diabetes might not be easy to prevent, but might affect victim genetic. This is because the immune system sometimes faces attack from the insulin producing beta cells in the pancreas. Lack of this insulin terminate the presence of glucose in the cells.

Diet and Exercise
Diabetes is not like other type of health issues which when treated goes, it is irreversible. So it is best to avoid it major cause and learn how to harness our meals, exercise and recreation for a diabetes free life. 
Fitting Exercise

Exercise is consider a stress by many, but  some even carry out minor exercises daily without the notice of it. Having a daily 30 minutes jogging reduces type 2 diabetes in females. A 30 minutes walking also goes a long way in keeping the body fit and strong and improves health condition. More still, it improve the heart and blood circulation.
The often pursued junk meals also increase body fats, which also improve diabetes level.
It is often said “Smokers are liable to die young”. That is a true fact because smoking cause quick face wrinkle, hearth disease, narrowing blood vessels, causes cancers of various sorts and does not help at all, except under medical terms.

The Age Factor
Matters relating to age and diabetes are also worth knowing. Well, it is often noticed in adult mainly, but economic and poor lifestyle has made it even more common in youth today. The formally called “adult onset” diabetes is now called “type 2 diabetes”. The excessive intake of sugar is also a troubling cause. Some sugar accessories such as sweets, beverages and berries should be cut off from. It is not predicted that those with diabetes die early, but the victims have the main control of their life by having a daily health check up, exercise and meals check.
Over Weighted Diet

Nationality Effect
A scientific and medical research shows that some world regions quickly get effect with diabetes than others. These nationality includes:
Ÿ  African Americans
Ÿ  Mexicans Americans
Ÿ  Americans Indians
Ÿ  Native Hawailans
Ÿ  Pacific Islanders
Ÿ  Asian Americans

The survey never mentioned that those from the above ethnic or regions must be affected with diabetes, but it states that the chance of being victimized are really high. A little advice to people from this region is never to ignore their health check because diabetes never shows out early, but manifest when it quite late and hard to handle.

The Emotions
Emotions are being felt by everyone in life. Diabetes patients are not left out is such times. Some have being abandon by families, friends and associates, causing emotional trauma to these victims. All should be shown love and never ignored because of health condition. Abandonment and isolation has lead many diabetes patient to commit suicide.

Never think your Diabetes is the worst in life, millions of persons share the same predicament with pains. But a daily heath check up and balance meal should be respected. More to that, always have a daily exercise routine  to help burn down your body fats and keep you in shape.


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