The female swan which is also called a pen varies from the context of pen here.
A pen is relatively small, yet it’s a powerful instrument in the hands of humans. The skills of being
a good artist starts with that first grip of the pencil drawing an object, the possibility of being a cool secretary start with that little teen swiftly writing those little notes,
the ability of being a harden criminal starts with that rough teen using his pencil as his new knife and causing havoc etc. This might be some inspiring traits that has trained the hands of the young into a future habit.

Ignoring the above listed, the pen has some unnoticed very important uses, have a scroll below and unveils the wonders of the pen.

It can write transcendent poetry.
It can be use to write uplifting music.
Innovative ideas are pen down with it.
Producing the life changing equations.
Sketching a potential future.
Give life to untold beauty.
Pass a strong emotional message.
Transcript unknown stories.
Waste time in exams halls
Create a new sound from drumming with it.
Implement evil with it for wrath.
Scratch that itchy hair for you.

This is just but a few and you would agree with me. Even the holy book of old, its manuscripts were written with instruments in relation to our pen today. So the written form of passing message has for long being in existence, and for sure its has no hope of extinction no matter the level of technology development.

New findings has reveals the ultra violet pen which purpose is to pen down discreet invisible writing and send across highly secretive message along wide range areas without detection.  

Truly, the most advance of modern technology cant and would not make the attempt of eradicating the million owned and treasured instruments in the hands of million children and adults today.

The pen is now so produce in million piece that any would never say he didn’t see nor have at least a piece as a belonging. Little wonder it price has top up in countries like Nigeria and outside.

O never lose your pen, it is a life changing tool 

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  1. It Just so lovely to learn about this. i have never fanthom the great and essenciality of the pen in the past. One again, Thumbs.


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